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Corporate Financial Planing

Big life events, such as death, disability and disease, can have a devastatingly negative impact on businesses. An effective Business Financial Plan is key to ensuring that your business will be able to continue with operations in such an event.
Some thoughts to consider:
  • What would happen when a life event prevents a major shareholder or director from performing his or her duties?
    • What happens to their shares?
    • Does your company have enough liquidity to buy those shares back, and if not, what would happen?
  • What happens if a key employee suffers a life event that would prevent them from performing their duties?
    • Will your company suffer financial harm? Do you have enough liquidity to bridge the gap until a suitable replacement is found?
  • What are the tax implications in any of these, and other circumstances?
We have experts specialising in Business Financial Planning, tailoring personalised solutions to ensure that your business will never suffer financial impact by unexpected life events.
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